2018 Club Tournament

2018 Club Tournament

We had a successful fall club tournament with approximately 40 club members participating. The tournament kicked off on Thursday with a social evening where members were present to acknowledge Marni’s excellent student work and wish her a Happy Birthday. Thank you Kapil and Cheryl for a great job on the tournament draw and communications and to everyone for taking part in the week-end tasks & fun.

Trophies provided by

Mixed Doubles Champions – Megan and Craig Hillier

Mixed Doubles Finalists – Kennedy Campbell, Brenda DeSerranno, Megan Hillier, Craig Hillier. Trophy presentation by Cheryl Chesney

Women’s Doubles Champions – Kris Pabianek, Liv Thorseth
Men’s Double Champions – Simon Kim, Craig Hillier
Men’s Doubles Finalists – Simon Kim, Craig Hillier, Kapil Vyas, Kennedy Campbell

Men’s Single Champion Craig Hillier
Adult Child Champions – Craig Hillier, Benjamin Kurjewicz
Adult Child Finalists – Craig Hillier, Benjamin Kurjewicz, Ella Russell, Alice Russell
Women’s Singles Champion –  Jennifer Johnson